Paineze Plus

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  Using Earlobe Electrodes, your Ezistim or BioStim TENS is a powerful tool for relieving pain in the Head, Neck & Facial region, assisting in Rapid Recovery from Mental & Physical Exertion, inducing Sleep & Easing the Stresses of everyday life.   Earlobe Electrodes are Simple to Use!    Attach Earlobe Electrodes to the pins of the Treatment Cable Apply a small amount of conductive gel to the earlobes 1 x EziStim® Battery Pack (5 x CR2032) Clip the Earlobe Electrodes on the earlobes Turn ON your PainEze plus™ by pressing the GREEN button once Adjust the power, if required. Barely per…
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This pack contains: 1 Standard Electrode Pack (SEP) 1 Large Electrode Pack (LEP) 1 Butterfly Dual Electrode (BDE)   These electrodes are compatible with all ActivLife and Bio Electronics TENS machines. With proper care and storage, electrodes may be used multiple times. The number of uses will vary depending on skin type and preparation, storage and climatic conditions. …
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PGE8 Spinal Electrode Pack - 2 units ONLINE SPECIAL - LIMITED TIME -50%
  Most TENS machines require the use of two or more electrodes. Many find that placing these electrodes on areas of the back can prove quite difficult, especially when in pain. EziStim® PGE8 Spinal Electrodes are specifically designed to make it easier to relieve back pain. Positioning on the back is quick, simple and convenient due to the two large electrodes joined in a 'Butterfly' configuration. EziStim® PGE8 Spinal Electrodes are more efficient than standard electrodes, and offer a durable foam construction. They are a reusable, disposable electrode that feature a non-irritating and self-adhesive gel. EziSt…
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