Neck & Shoulder Heat Pack

-8% Neck & Shoulder Heat Pack

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Brand: Shin Bio
Product Code: HP-NS
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  • They Heat up on their own
  • Provides heat, simply click the metal disc.
  • Instant portable and reusable heat
  • No Microwave needed
  • Safer alternative for hot water bottles & Smelly Wheat Bags
  • No fire hazard or overheating
  • Can also be used as a cold pack
  • Australian Made
  • Nationwide 2 Yr Warranty

Exciting NEW Generation of Soothing Hot & Cold Packs
The new Mediscope heat packs can be used hot for pain relief and cold for first aid or an inflammatory injury.  Mediscope heat packs are an innovative therapy countless runners and athletes depend on.
Nothing makes your sore body feel better like deep soothing Heat Packs. These modern packs heat up instantly. Simply click your pack and it almost instantly reaches its intended temperature. Click, place, and enjoy! No more dealing with smelly old wheat bags that get mouldy and catch fire in the microwave.
Mediscope Medical Grade Heat packs are ideal for every use from easing general aches and pains, as a bed warmer whilst camping or heating up baby bottles. Multitude of uses and reusable for years to come, durable, portable and guaranteed to satisfy.


This popular heat pack covers your neck, shoulders, and shoulder blade areas, designed to wrap around the neck for comfortable fit. Can be used around the shoulders or down the spine. Popular with office workers, computer programmers, Nurses and Factory workers.


It can also be used for abdominal cramps, to wrap around an aching knee or to relax pulled hamstrings. Use it during long drives to soothe those stiff back and neck muscles. Wrapped around it even warms up your baby's bottle. It is Very Convenient and our most popular size!

Can be used in the Car, office travelling before gardening or easily at home around your back or stomach. Use with back belt to maximise the benefits.



  • Retains heat better than wheat bags
  • Suitable for all over the body. 
  • 40% lighter than wheat bags.
  • Allergy Gluten and odour free.
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Just food grade sodium acetate
  • Doubles as a cold pack.
  • 2 Year Australia wide warranty

Common Uses

  • Soothe Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Used for rheumatism, gout, Sciatic Pains , Arthritis
  • Ideal for Neck, shoulder, upper back, Stomach, calf, foot warmer, around ankles
  • This pack is quite a versatile and our best seller


  • 1050 g


  • This Measures  470mm x 165mm